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There was a monsoon across the east coast on the day we won the tender to supply uniforms and kit for Australia’s Special Olympics team. We didn’t have time to celebrate. We were needed on the Gold Coast the very next day to measure 160 athletes at their training camp.

Flights were being grounded because of the weather but we found a way to get there.

We always find a way at Mayhem!

Why our customers come back

Our customers come to us the first time because we’ve been recommended, these are the reasons they keep coming back…

Our commitment

We’re known for our above-and-beyond commitment to our customers. We’ve picked up neckerchiefs during our Christmas holidays and delivered hats to scouts on New Year’s Day. We’ve even jumped in the car and driven for two hours when a client’s freight company let them down on the day of the big event. To put it simply – we do what it takes.


Our clients include some of the most trusted brands in Australia - Special Olympics, Surf Lifesaving Australia & NSW Scouts. They expect trust, dedication and quality from their partners, the very reasons they choose us.


Think you know everything there is to know about umbrellas, baseball caps and polo shirts? You’d be amazed. 

We’re not a website or a drop-shipper. We don’t just take orders for widgets and ship them out. We know thousands of products intimately and we take the time to ask questions to ensure the product you’re ordering will meet your objectives.

Our clients don’t find themselves giving away umbrellas that turn inside out in a breeze or ordering a container-load of branded electronics that don’t work. We make sure your items perform in the way they are meant to.

Competitor analysis

Let us take a look at your competitors’ products. We’ll tell you where they were made, what they cost and what problems your competitors may have had with them.

Competitive prices

Being better doesn’t always mean more expensive. You’ll find we can offer solutions that meet your needs and are still more cost-effective than you ever thought possible.

Long-term relationships

We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and we’ve built the business on relationships with our customers and with our staff.

You won’t start working with someone at Mayhem only to find they’re not here next time you place an order.We are here to stay!

Why not start that relationship now? Call us today and experience the Mayhem difference yourself

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